Dope Black Girls Brunch


Yesterday I attended the Dope Black Girls Brunch, in support of Marilyn Mosby, the 25th State’s Attorney for Baltimore City. If you are a black woman who lives in the DMV area this event was the place to be; the room was filled with women you want to know. The Dope Black Girls Brunch was held at the new patio bar Sangria in Baltimore, MD, a beautiful lounge covered by colorful murals, with a outdoor patio setting with plenty of seating.

The venue was beautifully decorated and the event was very well organized, there was no long line to be let in, you were able to be checked in proceed to the party within seconds. There was a delicious spread of food decorating the tables including shrimp and grits, cornbread, fresh omelette stations, French toast casserole, and fresh oysters lining the bar. With the purchase of VIP tickets you received two complimentary flavored sangrias and a picture with Marilyn Mosby. Hennessy Sangria shots were passed out by beautiful ladies as we dope black girls networked with other women in various industries from engineering to fashion to medical.

Spaces for young black entrepreneurs and professionals are becoming more and more popular in the Washington, D.C. area. You can find plenty of events to connect with the people you need to know to help you achieve your dreams. One things I’ve learned over this past year is to put myself in the room,no matter whether you feel you are worthy to be there. I purchased tickets to this event to network with like minded entrepreneurs and meet women who are creating their own lanes. I met several wonderful ladies, each creating a path for themselves to secure a brighter future for and create better opportunities for themselves. Ladies came dressed in their best, this was what you called #blackgirljoy at its finest, there was a room full of beautifully dressed black women, networking, smiling and mingling each other.

Prior to the event I had heard of Mayor Marilyn Mosby as most people who are familiar with the Freddie Gray case may have, but on this day as she blended neatly into the ambiance, Marilyn Mosby was who we needed her to be, a #DopeBlackGirl chatting and laughing with us as she took selfie after selfie with the women who gathered together to support her. She floated around the room smiling and laughing, she made her guest comfortable and placed them at ease. Mosby who has been known to be tough on crime, is diligently reforming the criminal justice system, taking a stand on police brutality. With the reelection coming up there will be plenty of events to find out more about Marilyn Mosby and her campaign, June 3 is the next event scheduled to take place, a For The People Concert, hosted by hip hop recording artist, actor, poet, and film producer Common. For more information or to purchase tickets visit .