As a child I was on the couch faithfully watching Showtime At The Apollo to see whom the sand man was shuffling off stage and who was going to be brave and bold enough to bring the audience to their feet. I vividly remember every episode of The Steve Harvey Show and can probably tell you the ending to each episode within the first 5 minutes. I have watched him transform himself over time from the big and tall tailored suits to the GQ runway styled man he is today. Even after all these years of watching from afar, I can honestly say the book gives you an insight on his transformation that you and I would not have been able to see just following his career. Jump, provides not only the personal story behind his jump but the lessons he learned along the way to prepare him for the jump.

If you are at a point in life where you believe there could be something greater in store for your life and you may possibly ready to take a leap out on faith, this is the book for you. For many of us the jump are not what we fear, the fall and what lies beneath is what scares us the most. Jumping requires you to focus not on the actual jump in itself, nor where you could possibly land but to merely jump and have faith that where you will end up will be greater than where you are today.


Creating a life of legacy is something few of us dream about and even fewer actually believe they can create. The difference between the two is simply that one jumped and the other for fear of failure doesn’t. The person who decides to jump chooses to stop living in fear and step out on faith. We are all given the same 24hours each day, it’s up to us to utilize this time to the best of our abilities to create opportunities that will help us to achieve our life’s goal.

Difficulties in life are no stranger to any of us; these are lessons preparing us for what is in store after we jump. Instead of seeing these setbacks in life as a sign to stop, Jump encourages us to view them as opportunities to uncover your gift. Jumping requires you to be open to new experiences and opportunities. We may not succeed at every opportunity we are presented but the lesson is in the failure. How you handle the situation and learning more about yourself throughout the process in order to grow through the process is the key. The job you had that you thought you would remain at until you were ready, that only fired you before you were actually ready, that was a push. Sometimes a jump will come along after we have been pushed. We can become too comfortable in situations and become willing to stay where we do not belong. Whether we choose to jump or have been given a push does not determine where we will land but how quickly we will arrive at our ultimate destination.


Jump is not telling you to go out and quit the job you have to try something cool, it is recommending we jump with purpose, with a vision of who you are, where you want to be and were you want to go. You may not have it all together at the moment, but that’s ok, you don’t need to wait until every part of your life is together you just have to jump the best you can with what you have. In order to jump you have to go beyond what you can see in your life. Your decision not to jump will prevent you from reaching the next level of your life, ultimately resulting in you settling for an unfulfilling life.

Along our journey through life we sometimes can hit what we consider to be rock bottom. There isn’t a person at the top who has not experienced the bottom; it’s how we pull ourselves back up that matters, the lesson we learned from hitting bottom will help us to remain humble at the top.


Jump encourages you to “live the life you want in your imagination and it can be made real.” It’s not about the statistics or how prepared you think you may be, the jump has to be made on faith. Wanting more will require more from us, more work, more time, more faith, you have a dream but you have to be willing to work harder than ever to achieve it. There aren’t quotes you can post that will help you achieve your goals, there’s no person who is going to come along and magically make your life into the one you have dreamt for yourself. You have to put in the work, make the connections and be willing to take another step towards your dreams. Anyone can jump, no matter what situation or circumstances you have come from, everyone has the option, the choice to jump and achieve their dreams.


Towards the end of the book Steve becomes more transparent, revealing his own personal changes in his relationship and family. This transparency allows readers a view of what the jump can look like from the top to bottom. While Steve has been around for quite some time in the entertainment industry, he has endured a few bumps and bruises along they way and still continues to jump. He explains the challenges he faced during his career change, the backlash he received from the Miss Universe 2015 pageant and how he choose to jump in situations when most would have hidden.


How do we know when to jump is the question most of us face. You just have to trust in God, we are rarely ready for the jump, trusting in God is the challenge of our faith. Even after the jump you may not believe it was your best move, but again you have to put your faith in God.

Jump will encourage those who are consumed with fear of the unknown, the fall, do not be discouraged by the fall but encouraged by the possibility of where you may land if you jump.

Celeta Tillery